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Gwyneth Paltrow launches Los Angeles food truck guide

Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a new initiative to find the best food truck in Los Angeles.

The actress is a big fan of Los Angeles' mobile catering culture, and admits she's often asked to recommend a meals of wheels service, so she has started hitting the streets with pals to chow down on global cuisine served with a plastic fork.

Posting photos of herself dining out in Venice, California on a recent Friday night on her weekly blog goop.com, Paltrow, who is famous for her love of raw food and vegan diets, writes, "Food trucks are a staple of L.A.'s cultural identity. While they may be popping up in every major city across the world, it all started in Los Angeles. More specifically, it started with the Mexican food trucks that drove to construction sites, until the concept was revolutionized by Roy Choi and his Kogi truck, where he invented a hybrid of Korean and Mexican deliciousness (think kimchi on tacos instead of salsa).

"The Kogi truck begat more foodie trucks, and now they are everywhere, roaming every neighborhood across the city. No one seemed to know which in L.A. are the best. We were asked a few times, and couldn't give a proper list of recommendations.

"So most of the goop team hit Abbot Kinney - a long boulevard in Venice - where, on the first Friday of every month, many of L.A.'s finest food trucks congregate. We asked some of our friends with the most discerning palettes to join us, and set out to make the L.A. food truck guide, hitting more than 40 trucks, and eating our way through 50+ meals in the process."

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