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Gina Rodriguez shares worst dating experience

Gina Rodriguez doesn't think men need to spend a lot of money to impress women they're dating.

The star of the popular Jane the Virgin television series has opened up about her private life and dished on one date in particular that left an unpleasant impression.

Gina reveals that her least favourite date was when a man took her to dinner but wouldn't stop boasting about his wealth.

“My worst dating experience is this guy; he took me to this restaurant and kept telling me about how much money he had and how he was paying for dinner,” she told Us Weekly. “All I wanted to do was say, ‘I could pay for dinner, dude.’ Like, you can’t buy me!”

As bad as that night was, the 31-year-old shared that she wasn't turned off dating completely and has had some fun experiences which didn't involve spending a lot of money.

“I had the best first date a few years ago,” she smiled. “He took me to the Santa Monica hills and brought his computer and he brought milk and cookies. We watched a movie overlooking the ocean, and it was really awesome, and it probably cost him $3.25.”

The Chicago native, who is currently dating House of Lies actor Ben Schwartz, added that her best dating advice was given to her by her mother.

“My mom says to be as close to the way you normally look on dates so a guy falls in love with the woman you’re going to be most of the time,” she said.

It's a wonder the brunette beauty has time for romance at all considering her hectic schedule. Following the success of Jane the Virgin, Gina has scored a slew of film roles and is set to star in upcoming film Sticky Notes alongside Ray Liotta and Justin Bartha, and gritty drama Deepwater Horizon.

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