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Allison Williams doesn't want Girls to end

Actress Allison Williams has already started "grieving" the end of her hit show Girls.

Creator and star Lena Dunham recently announced the sixth season of the TV drama would be its last, and production on the final episodes is due to get underway this summer (16).

Allison, who portrays newlywed Marnie, admits she is dreading starting work on the last ever season and she is currently mourning the final shoot.

Asked if she is going through the "grieving process", she told breakfast show Today, "I am. It's so weird. I always knew it was going to end, but I've been texting everyone associated with the planning and the scheduling of the show, being like, 'Could you just put it off a little bit longer?'"

"I don't want it to end because it's like, once it starts, it's just the beginning of the end and then, unlike every other year, I don't get to say to everyone, 'OK, I'll see you next summer,'" she continued, before joking, "It's summer camp ending, and you know, my counsellor years are over. I've stretched it to the max; it's creepy if I hang around!"

But Allison has an idea about how to keep the Girls franchise running for decades to come.

"Oh my gosh, that would be fun," she replied when asked about the prospect of a future reunion show. "Like, every decade, check in with the girls, see where they are..."

However, the actress insists she really will miss working with the same cast and crew, especially after filming so many intimate scenes together.

"Everyone, I mean, they're family at this point," she explained. "It's so cliche, everyone says that when a show is ending, (but) there's a reason we all say that, because it's very intimate, especially our job, the kind of show that we do..."

The fifth season of Girls began airing in February (16).

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