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Gina Rodriguez rejected record deals after Filly Brown

Actress Gina Rodriguez turned down several record deal offers following her breakout role in hip-hop music drama Filly Brown.

The Puerto Rican actress played aspiring rapper Majo Tonorio in the acclaimed independent film, and she caught the eye of several music label executives who were looking to turn art into reality.

However, Rodriguez, who studied drama at the prestigious New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, wanted to focus on her acting career.

She tells BelloMag.com, "After Filly Brown and after Sundance (Film Festival), I got approached with a few record deals, and I really wanted to focus on acting because that is my passion. That is what I trained to do.

"But the more that I've had the opportunity to play with music, the more I think over time, going at it as hard as all the other musicians I pay respect to, I know how hard people work (at their craft), especially being an artist myself."

Rodriguez, who currently stars in hit drama Jane the Virgin, adds, "I would love to be trained and really work in the world of music before I think I can be the next Iggy (Azalea)... There's room for everything right?"

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