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Freida Pinto feared concussion after bumping heads on Desert Dancer set

Actress Freida Pinto feared she had suffered concussion on the set of her new movie Desert Dancer after knocking heads with a co-star.

The Slumdog Millionaire beauty portrays an Iranian woman who joins an illegal dance troupe in Tehran in 2009 and the shoot featured a number of energetic routines.

Pinto revealed earlier this week (begs06Apr15) that her feet were covered in blisters by the time filming wrapped, but they weren't the only injuries she sustained while working on the movie.

Recalling one particularly bad rehearsal, she tells the New York Post, "He (a co-star) and I bumped heads... My skin cracked open and I thought I had a concussion (sic). My vision went blurry... I still have the scar."

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