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Fall Out Boy stars treat British fans to pizza at London show

Reformed rockers Fall Out Boy treated fans to pizza on Monday (25Feb13) after devotees braved freezing temperatures in London for the band's only British tour date.

The Dance, Dance hitmakers have been on a hiatus since 2009 but they announced plans for a comeback earlier this month (Feb13).

As well as a new album, the band has embarked on a series of small shows ahead of a bigger U.S. tour in May (13).

Fans couldn't wait for Fall Out Boy's only U.K. date in Camden, London, and showed up at the Camden Underworld venue to camp outside hours before the rockers were set to take to the stage.

To make the wait more comfortable, the generous group treated the early arrivals to slices of pizza.

In a post on Twitter.com, one fan wrote, "Fall Out Boy have just sent us all pizza ahhh," while another tweeted, "So, Fall Out Boy bought us pizza and I am going to cry."

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