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Extras were Blind drunk on Demi Moore's movie set

A group of authors working as extras on Demi Moore's new movie Blind fluffed their lines during a bar scene after consuming too many free drinks.

Authors Naomi Wolf and Gay Talese were among the writers who were invited to mingle with castmembers at the Boom Boom Room venue in New York City for a party scene in the film, which features Demi as a woman who has an affair with a blind novelist played by Alec Baldwin.

Director Michael Mailer, son of iconic novelist Norman Mailer, kept his guests occupied between takes by providing free booze, but the plan backfired as they all became tipsy and needed up to seven takes to get each line right.

"I made the mistake of having an open bar," Michael tells the New York Post. "Repetition may kill the soul, but sometimes it's needed for a good take."

Blind, which is currently being filmed in the Big Apple, is due for release in 2016.

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