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Evan Rachel Wood 'terrified' as winds cause black out in Los Angeles

Evan Rachel Wood and Christina Applegate have taken to Twitter.com to share their anxiety as strong winds took hold in Los Angeles and caused a major black out.

The Wrestler star arrived home in the pitch black as the stormy conditions worsened and she shared her fears with fans on the social networking site, documenting the drama until the power came back on.

In a series of posts, she writes, "Just got home. The black out makes it look like apocalypse. Chaos. Aw noooooo (sic). The winds are going to get stronger? ...All I can say is I'm glad I have a thing for candles."

She later added, "Power back on. Well, thank you wind. That was truly terrifying."

New mother Applegate worried the power would cut out while she was taking care of her baby daughter Sadie, who was born in January (11).

She writes, "The wind in L.A. is insane right now. Must pray the power doesn't go out. Really don't want the power to go out. It might go out... I know there are millions of people who raise babies with no power. I'm a wimp and afraid to change a poopy diaper in the dark. May go bad."

Other stars also took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the windy weather conditions, with Kelly Osbourne writing, "The way my apartment building howls when it's windy is kinda (sic) scary/annoying! Is it true there might be power outages in L.A. tonight... the lights keep flickering in my apartment it won't be long now till the candles are lit!"

Actress Emmy Rossum adds, "This wind is insane. Saw a yellow yield street sign flying down Wilshire (Boulevard) this evening and the house windows are rattling!"

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