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Emma Watson cutting ties with the fashion industry

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is cutting her ties with the fashion world in order to focus on her acting career.

The young British beauty has previously served as the face of fashion firm Burberry and cosmetic company Lancome, and she recently teamed up with fair trade corporation People Tree as a creative advisor and helped design two clothing ranges.

Watson continually tops the best-dressed stars lists and she is always one to watch on the red carpet, but now the trendsetting 22-year-old insists she is taking a step back from the industry in a bid to concentrate on her chosen profession - acting.

She tells Middle Eastern publication Savoir Flair, "It was fun when I was younger, but I don't think it will be quite as much part of my future, honestly. Now that I know acting is the thing I want to do, that's more where my passion is and my focus is.

"I still find fashion very interesting, but it's quite full-on. I am finding more and more that I don't want to wear a dress and heavy make-up... I want to wear jeans more. It's quite intense to do it all the time."

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