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Emily Blunt: 'Mary Poppins film is still up in the air'

Pregnant Emily Blunt has hinted she's not yet ready to play Mary Poppins on the big screen.

The British actress recently emerged as the frontrunner for the revamp of the beloved 1964 musical, which is to be directed by Rob Marshall, but it appears she still hasn't signed on to tackle the role made famous by Julie Andrews.

The Sicario star, who is expecting her second child with husband John Krasinski, sat down with WENN to promote her latest film The Huntsman: Winter's War, and when the subject of Poppins came up, she made it clear it's not a done deal.

"It's a maybe on Mary Poppins," she said, but then added she can't believe her name is even being mentioned for the role, alongside the likes of Oscar winner Anne Hathaway.

She added, "I did not envision any of this. I feel like I entered the industry with a pretty casual expectation of what would happen. I didn't know what on earth I was walking into and maybe that helped. I wasn't even intending to be an actress!"

And Emily admits Dame Judi Dench has a lot to do with her success - because she was there at the beginning.

"I did a school play and an agent came to see me and in a year I'm on stage with Judi Dench, which was so extraordinary," the actress recalled. "She was so kind to me because I was so green and knew nothing. She really kind of paved the way for me on how to approach this industry; to walk into every room with great hope because you just never really know where it's gonna take you.

"I've learned to really embrace the unknown and trust my instincts with the choices that I make. There were movies I chose where no one else around me thought I should. I've always made choices based on what inspires me and not a strategic move that will take me somewhere else in the industry. So it's still a surreal place. You're breathing rarified air if you're able to work within this industry."

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