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Emilia Clarke laughs off Broadway bathtub nudity fuss

Actress Emilia Clarke has played down reports suggesting her nude scene in Broadway play Breakfast At Tiffany's has been causing a stir among theater-goers, insisting the rumors have been wildly exaggerated.

The British star is portraying Holly Golightly, the role made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the classic 1961 film, in the new production, which began previews at the Cort Theater last week (04Mar13).

Managers at the venue were allegedly forced to step up security at the show after a number of audience members decided to take photos of her naked bath scene with co-star Cory Michael Smith on their cell phones, disrupting the performance, but Clarke has been left bemused by the fuss claims.

She says, "It's really not quite as exciting as people are making out... It hasn't happened, there really hasn't been that many people taking photos of us in the tub..."

Clarke admits there are easier ways for fans to catch a glimpse of her naked body - they just need to watch episodes of her hit fantasy TV series Game of Thrones.

She explains, "There's just no need. They could go on YouTube and see Game of Thrones and they would see more (nudity) than they would ever see in the bath."

And even Clarke's parents can't understand what the bathtub controversy is about.

She adds: "When they saw the bath scene they were just like, 'What's all the fuss about?' It's not a big deal, they've seen it all before... My mom sees it and is very cool and fine with it and my dad just kind of avoids eye contact for a couple of hours after he's seen it, and then it's fine."

The new production of Breakfast At Tiffany's officially opens on 20 March (13).

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