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Ed Sheeran denies award rivalry with Sam Smith

British pop star Ed Sheeran insists there will be no rivalry between him and Sam Smith during the forthcoming awards season.

The Lego House hitmaker is going head-to-head with his fellow Brit for the Album of the Year honour at the prestigious Grammy Awards next year (15).

However, Sheeran is adamant the potential accolades do not really matter to him and his pal as they are content with living their dreams by touring and selling records.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "It's lucky we get on. Awards don't actually matter to either of us. I think we're just happy to be able to be touring, selling records and living our dreams."

It was announced on Tuesday (16Dec14) that Sheeran and Smith will headline the Brit Awards 2015 along with their mutual friend Taylor Swift.

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