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Ed Sheeran back on Twitter

Ed Sheeran has reactivated his Twitter account hours after upsetting fans by shutting it down.

The singer’s account, @edsheeran, was back online on Tuesday (18Jul17), just hours after it was deleted without explanation, following criticism of his cameo appearance on Game Of Thrones, which aired during the cult show's season seven premiere on Sunday (16Jul17).

Ed limited his activity on Twitter a few weeks ago, admitting he had tired of the negativity aimed at him on social media - but he assured fans he wasn't closing his account on the micro-blogging site, writing: "Loads of hoo-har (sic) about me quitting stuff. I haven't quit anything, I'm just not reading anything, except Harry Potter."

And the Shape of You star told The Sun, "I've actually come off Twitter completely, I can't read it. I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things. Twitter's a platform for that."

The latest criticism came from Game Of Thrones fans, who were not impressed with his appearance as a singing soldier.

Ed still hasn't commented on his latest Twitter drama.

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