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Rita Ora so smitten with Prince Harry she can't imagine a meeting with him

Rita Ora could never imagine stealing her royal crush Prince Harry from his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle - because she gets flustered just thinking about a chance meeting.

The Your Song singer has been a longtime fan of Harry and his family and secretly dreams of a romance with her Prince Charming - but first she'll have to get over her fears about talking to the royal red head.

Rita went as red as her dream boyfriend's hair when her crush on Harry was brought up during an appearance on Elvis Duran's morning radio show in New York on Tuesday (18Jul17), admitting she still can't imagine not passing out if she met him.

"Who doesn't love Prince Harry?" she asked The Morning Show crew, insisting that a royal romance "is never gonna happen".

"I'm never gonna be able to hold a conversation with him," the Brit giggled.

Asked what she would do if Harry walked into the radio studio at that moment, the singer said, "I'd probably faint on the floor and it would be very embarrassing."

Ora, who is currently single, doesn't really have a shot of romance with the royal in the near future - after years of partying and wild times, Harry has settled down with actress Meghan, who he has been dating since last year (16), and sources suggest the couple might be planning a more permanent relationship as engagement chatter refuses to go away.

But although Rita is very fond of her Prince Charming, she's a big fan of his entire family, adding, "I just think they're so beautiful... They're so amazing and so respectful and it is so, so sweet that they give so much to our country."

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