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Drake cheats on Tyra Banks in new video

Former model Tyra Banks is showing off her acting skills in Drake's new Child's Play video by 'breaking up' with the rapper on their anniversary.

The new mum, who plays herself in the promo, has a meltdown in a Cheesecake Factory restaurant after discovering her lover has been cheating on her.

Tyra finds out by checking through his phone while Drake is in the restroom and, when he returns to their table for dessert, she unleashes her wrath on him - revealing their anniversary date night was 24 hours late because he spent the previous evening at the studio.

But she tells Drake, "I didn't see all night in the studio (when she checked his phone)."

And as the embarrassed rapper tries to calm her down, reminding Banks she's surrounded by diners, she rages, "I don't care where we are. I don't care if we're out. I don't care if this s**t is on TMZ.

"I am tired of you Aubrey (Drake's real name). I'm tired of this."

Tyra then pushes cheesecake in her lover's face and tips red wine over his head, before stating, "Cheers boo", and marching off as the song starts up.

Drake begins rapping from the table at the restaurant, covered in cheesecake. The video then moves to a stripclub as the cleaned-up rap star performs with a gang of busty babes.

In real life, Drake appears to have rekindled his romance with Rihanna - the pair has been inseparable this past week after he professed his love for the Umbrella singer at the MTV Video Music Awards on 28 August (16).

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