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Director struck by lightning on new Diego Boneta TV series

Actor Diego Boneta and his co-stars on new TV drama The Dovekeepers were given a scare on set in Malta last year (14) when their director was struck by lightning.

The Rock of Ages actor, who stars in the mini-series adaptation of author Alice Hoffman's historical novel of the same name, were in the middle of a shoot when Yves Simoneau had a brush with death during a storm.

In an interview with chat show The Talk on Tuesday (31Mar15), Boneta recalls, "It was crazy. It was the first or second week of shooting in this quarry, doing a lot of action sequences. And then one of the location (managers) starts going, "Guys there's a storm coming', and we're all looking up, but there's no clouds. We're like, 'Oh, it's fine'.

"Within five minutes, (there was) wind, rain, lightning, thunder, so we're all hiding underneath these tents. I look up and we're holding onto metal rods and I'm like, 'That's not a good idea'.

"So we get out of there and then we find out that the director got struck by lightning. He was rushed to the hospital and he was a bit electric after. He would get these crazy ideas, and we'd be like, 'Yeah, that's probably because of the lightning'. But he's fine."

The Dovekeepers debuted on TV on Tuesday night (31Mar15).

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