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Dianna Agron fans adopt elephant as early birthday gift

Glee star Dianna Agron has been given an early birthday treat after a group of devotees teamed up to adopt an African elephant in her name.

The actress doesn't celebrate her big day until 30 April (14), when she will turn 28, but she received a surprise gift on Tuesday (25Feb14) thanks to nine superfans.

Agron shared a photo of a letter she received from officials at the World Wildlife Fund, on behalf of the followers, which read: "Dear Dianna, You used to say that if you ever went to Africa you'd probably adopt an elephant and live with him. We can't give you an elephant, but we can adopt one for you!

"Happy Birthday Di, may this year be filled with love, music, happiness and inspiration."

In the accompanying photo caption, she wrote, "Such a generous, gorgeous early Birthday from these lovely ladies... Thank you."

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