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Demi Lovato's dream home in danger of mudslide

Demi Lovato is unable to move into her new home because it is in the path of a potential major mudslide.

The Confident singer purchased the Hollywood Hills pad for $8.3 million (GBP6.6 million) in September (16), but has yet to move in - and on Monday evening (30Jan17) the mansion was red tagged by city officials, indicating it is unsafe for her to live there.

According to TMZ, a house above Lovato's was affected by recent storms and a mudslide in the area, and experts fear that home could slide into the 24-year-old's new pad.

It is unclear when Lovato will be able to move into the home.

A portion on the foundation of house nearby, in the Laurel Canyon area, was recently washed down the hill and onto Laurel Canyon Boulevard during the recent heavy rains that lashed Los Angeles.

Demi has yet to comment on the drama.

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