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Daniele Watts ordered to apologize to police following racism claims

Actress Daniele Watts has been ordered to apologize to the Los Angeles police officer she accused of racism following an encounter with cops last year (14).

The Django Unchained star was charged with lewd conduct after she was allegedly caught in the front seat of her car, straddling her boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, with her breasts exposed.

Watts and Lucas maintained their innocence, with the black actress claiming she had been a victim of racial profiling - allegations cops denied.

But Watts recently pleaded no contest to a charge of disturbing the peace, and, in turn, the lewd conduct charge was dismissed.

According to TMZ.com, as part of the plea deal, Watts and Lucas must each complete 40 hours of community service and write apology letters to the three police officers she originally accused of racism during her arrest.

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