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Daniel Radcliffe wants Shakespeare role

British actor Daniel Radcliffe is determined to put his reservations aside to tackle a William Shakespeare play and hopes he will one day land the title role in Hamlet.

The Harry Potter star is no stranger to theater after starring in plays in the West End and on Broadway, and he is currently appearing in a London production of The Cripple Of Inishmaan.

Radcliffe, who won rave reviews for his latest stage turn, admits he hasn't yet tackled a Shakespeare play because he finds the Bard's works "scary" and "intimidating", but he hopes to conquer his fears eventually.

The 23 year old dreams of playing cheeky imp Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream before tackling more dramatic roles.

He tells Thestage.co.uk, "I would love to do Puck, partly because it's the first role I ever talked about to (British theater director) Michael Grandage when I was 14. He said, 'What theater do you like? What have you seen?' And I said I'd love to play Puck... Shakespeare is something that's very intimidating to me - the language. But I'd definitely, definitely like to take something on soon... Or the other parts I've always loved - well there are two in Romeo and Juliet actually - Romeo and Mercutio."

When asked whether he would ever dare to play the lead in Shakespeare's Hamlet, he adds, "I would but a) no one's asking me to at the moment thank God because b) there's definitely something scary about it. But, hopefully, I'll get to."

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