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Daniel Radcliffe loves The Woman in Black's scare factor

Daniel Radcliffe has been keeping himself amused while promoting new ghost story The Woman In Black - by watching young fans "freak out" at his film screenings.

The Harry Potter star portrays a lawyer in the movie adaptation of Susan Hill's scary novel, about a remote village haunted by a woman scorned, and Daniel Radcliffe has found an interesting way to keep himself entertained as he sits through premiere after premiere of the film.

He says, "It's a scary movie, it's very, very frightening, people are jumping up and down.

"It's great when I'm about to go to a screening of it and I pick the frailest looking child and watch them freak for an hour-and-a-half. They're not young, young children - around 13, 14 - and, you know, they can get pretty freaked out!"

Daniel Radcliffe recently warned parents about the terrifying content of his new film, insisting adults should think twice before taking their kids to see it, despite its low age rating.

Film censors have deemed The Woman in Black suitable for people 13 and over, while pre-teens are allowed to see the movie with parental guidance.

Earlier this week, Radcliffe revealed a young fan had passed out while watching the film at its premiere in London.

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