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Daniel Radcliffe loved slithery snake co-stars in Horns

Daniel Radcliffe developed a love affair with snakes on the set of his new movie Horns and fell for one of his slithery co-stars, called Princess Leia.

The Harry Potter star learned a lot about reptiles from the film's snake handler, and now has a totally new perspective about the cold-blooded pets.

He explains, "They're really not cold and slimy like everyone thinks they are. They were really cool. Because they're cold-blooded and you're warm they just really love you... They want to just rub up on you.

"My snake was called Princess Leia and she was carried around in a Star Wars pillowcase for most of the shoot.

"Piers, the snake handler, would grab the snakes and when they would get cold they'd just get completely rigid and look like fake snakes. So he would literally have to pick them up and shove them under his sweatshirt, like, three at a time and just wait until they'd start writhing around, and a couple of minutes later he'd do another three!"

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