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Daisy Lowe launches cookery book

British model Daisy Lowe has shared her love of sweet treats by writing a healthy dessert-themed cookery book.

The brunette beauty, daughter of Powder star Pearl Lowe and rocker Gavin Rossdale, has put together her favorite recipes in Sweetness & Light, a guide to creating guilt-free treats with natural sweeteners.

Lowe reveals the project came about after she discovered she suffers from wheat and dairy intolerance, and she admits her life has improved since she changed her diet.

She says of the project, "Recently I also found out that I am intolerant to wheat and dairy. A few of the healthy substitutions I've made for wheat, dairy and sugar in these recipes will be new to you, but you will easily be able to find them in health food shops and online.

"My body feels so much healthier and it works better. I have more energy, I sleep better, I get sick less often. I am feeding myself, not starving or depriving myself of the sweet things I love. I wanted to share these recipes so you can do the same, and love yourself from the inside out."

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