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Crewmember saved Calum Hood from injury during London show

5 Seconds Of Summer star Calum Hood was saved from injury during the band's disastrous London show this month (Jun15) when a crewmember pressed an emergency button to shut down a flamethrower before it burned him.

The Australian pop/rock band's gig at London's Wembley Arena on 13 June (15) had to be abandoned after a pyrotechnic display set guitarist Michael Clifford's hair on fire.

He suffered burns to his face, but was well enough to return to the stage to continue the group's tour the next night (14Jun15).

It has now emerged that bassist Calum Hood also had a lucky escape during the show as a stagehand saved him from burns by extinguishing a flamethrower before it could do any serious damage.

He tells Australia's KIIS radio station, "I just ran past one of the flames and luckily someone pressed the emergency stop button for me," while Clifford jokes, "Calum was just trying to steal my thunder..."

When asked about his own injuries, Clifford adds, "I'm all good man, luckily it wasn't any worse. It's alright..."

The band has since ditched the pyrotechnic display from their shows.

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