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Cory Monteith's band release his final recordings

Cory Monteith's final recordings with his band Bonnie Dune will be released on Tuesday (04Feb14).

The late Glee star, who served as the drummer for the Los Angeles-based band, recorded six new songs for the group's debut album Miramar just weeks before his death in July (13) - and now Bonnie Dune's lead vocalist Justin Wilczynski tells E! News that they hope to share Monteith's final songs with the world.

Wilczynski says, "We finished these particular six songs quite a while ago. Some things happened where Cory needed to take a break and we realized that he was struggling and that he was having a hard time, so we took a bit of a hiatus from the writing and recording process.

"We were always thinking we were going to go back and do more songs, to release a full length record; I wanted to do a 10-song record. When Cory passed we decided we would just release all the songs we recorded with him and release all the ones that we have."

Wilczynski insists the record shouldn't be considered a "farewell album" for their beloved friend, but more of a "celebration of his life and what he enjoyed doing."

He adds, "He definitely meant a lot to us and it was something that Cory really had a great time doing, we all did."

Monteith died at the age of 31 from a drug overdose.

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