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Cory Monteith did everything to make sick fan's dream come true

Tragic actor Cory Monteith went out of his way to make a terminally-ill fan's dream come true after the youngster was unable to take up an invitation to join him on the Los Angeles set of Glee.

The Canadian star's close friend, Brook Lander Shurtz, reveals his late pal had a big heart and was known for his selfless acts of kindness - and he hopes that will be what Monteith is best remembered for.

He says, "The most important thing in this tragic time that I want people to understand and realize is Cory the person. And to me Cory the person was a kind, selfless, genuine person that gave."

Recalling one exchange with a cancer-stricken devotee, Shurtz tells Eonline.com, "(There was) this little girl that contacted him from Connecticut, and she was terminally ill. And all she wanted to do was be a part of the Glee set."

Monteith offered to fly the child out to Hollywood for a special trip so she could meet all of the show's cast and crew, but she was too ill to make the trip, so he decided to pay her a visit instead.

Shurtz adds, "He went a step further, and he actually reached out to her and made arrangements when he was on the East Coast to meet up with her and made her day."

Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver, Canada hotel room on Saturday (13Jul13), less than three months after completing a stint in rehab for substance abuse issues. He was 31.

An autopsy is scheduled to take place on Monday (15Jul13).

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