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Corbin Bleu to bare his backside in new thriller

Corbin Bleu is stripping off for a revealing new movie role.

The actor is set to appear nude onscreen in forthcoming thriller Nurse 3-D, about two medical assistants who lure unfaithful men into a fatal trap.

He tells UsMagazine.com, "I will be naked in 3D. It should be interesting!"

Bleu admits he stepped up his exercise regime and restricted his diet to prepare for the shoot with co-star Katrina Bowden in order to look his best in the buff.

He says, "I did a lot of really strict eating - pretty much no carbs (carbohydrates) of any sort. No pasta, no rice, no bread. My trainer worked me like a dog. I did lots of interval training and lots of weights."

But Bleu insists he won't be giving fans as much of an eyeful as it sounds, adding, "You see my rear end. It's tasteful. It's done well."

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