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Conor Maynard turning down film roles

British pop star Conor Maynard has snubbed a string of film roles so he can concentrate on his music career.

The Can't Say No hitmaker shot to fame in his native U.K. this year (12), and his rising profile has caught the eye of film bosses, who have been sending scripts for movie projects to his management.

However, his team have been keeping the offers out of Maynard's view so he can focus on establishing himself as a music superstar.

He tells Britain's Daily Star Sunday, "My manager gets sent film scripts but they want me to hold back on that side of things.

"They didn't even tell me what films they were for in case I really wanted to do them. It's good to know they want me though.

"Acting was always something I wanted to do growing up - until I was about 15 it was my main passion. When I've done what I want to do with music, I'll hopefully get to do it if the offers are still there."

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