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Chris Zylka in engagement drama riddle

The Amazing Spider-Man star Chris Zylka is at the centre of fierce speculation over his private life after a series of cryptic tweets appeared to suggest he has split from his model fiancee.

The actor announced his engagement to Hanna Beth last year (14) after just four months of dating, but they are now rumoured to have split after Zylka posted a number of angry messages on Twitter.com.

The first message reads, "I'm disappointed that I didn't see how fake you were, or pay attention to the backstabbing you did in front of me. I will rise up."

Zylka goes on to add, "When someone's boyfriend shows up at they're (sic) house with flowers while you're in that someone's bed. Don't get involved with them," before clarifying the cryptic message by adding, "No it was in the bed and the guy from boy london was with the flowers. Pink flowers to be exact."

He also aimed several massages at Beth, writing in one, "The truth has been revealed for a long time. Google yourself."

Zylka, who has yet to confirm the split, previously dated actress Lucy Hale.

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