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Chris Pine gets dating tips from his mum

Chris Pine insists he has mastered the art of becoming a true gentleman because his mum is always on hand to offer dating tips.

The Star Trek actor insists his mother Gwynne Gilford often gives him advice when it comes to treating a lady right, reminding him of the importance of opening car doors and keeping his elbows off the table when dining.

He tells Cosmopolitan magazine, "(She) always told me to take my elbows off the table, so that if I ever had dinner with a queen, I would know how to eat properly... But she also taught me basic things about being a gentleman, like opening car doors.

"Especially in Los Angeles, I think people lose those small gestures that harken (sic) back to a different time but are still mutually appreciated by women and men. Those little things are just nice."

Pine also reveals he would never rule out online dating, adding, "I have a couple of buddies who use Tinder. Whatever eases the process is great, since it can be awkward and uncomfortable meeting someone."

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