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Chris Brown urges fans to stop sending death threats to John Legend's partner

Chris Brown is urging his fans to stop sending nasty messages to John Legend's fiancee Chrissy Teigen after she criticized his performance at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (20May12).

The model was unimpressed by Brown's performance at the event, where he took to the stage with a BMX bike stunt troupe, and she expressed her disappointment in a post on her Twitter.com page, writing, "Why sing when you can dance?"

The message prompted a series of spiteful responses from Brown's fans, and he is now calling on them to stop the hateful remarks.

He wrote on his Twitter.com page on Tuesday (22May12), "Lets (sic) stop sending death threats! I know y'all bout (sic) that life but it's the wrong message! Ur (you are) turning haters into victims!"

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