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Cheryl Cole battling exhaustion after car crash

Cheryl Cole felt "exhausted" and "spaced out" as she returned to work on Friday (31Aug12), just two days after the British was injured in a car crash.

The Girls Aloud star was a passenger in rapper will.i.am's car in the early hours of Wednesday morning (29Aug12) when the vehicle smashed into the side of a parked car.

Cole, who was photographed with blood pouring out of her nose and over her lip in the aftermath of the accident, was reportedly treated for her injuries at the scene, and she subsequently flew back to her native Britain as scheduled to promote her upcoming single Under the Sun.

The 29 year old was a guest on different U.K. radio shows on Friday morning, and she told Capital FM she is not enjoying wearing a sling for her left arm as she recovers from her injuries.

Cole explained, "You know what, I think it's actually hurting more to have it in the sling than it does when it's not in there. I was just told to wear it for three days. I'm following doctor's orders."

The singer also poked fun at the Black Eyed Peas star's love of science when discussing the crash, joking that will.i.am, who is sporting a neck brace after the crash, was too busy talking about his new track premiering on Mars on Tuesday (28Aug12) to focus on the road.

She says, "He was talking the face off us (me). He was talking about NASA and Mars and his song."

Cole was also interviewed by BBC Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton and opened up about will.i.am's injury, saying, "He's in a neck brace but it's far worse than it looks."

The Brit insists she is ready to return to work, explaining, "I'm absolutely fine. I am really good... I have stuff to do, Fearne. Got to get up and dust yourself off", before adding, "I am exhausted. I actually feel spaced out right now."

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