Charli XCX 'nearly vomited' during live TV show

Charli Xcx was given a sick bucket during an appearance on live TV as she thought she would vomit following a big night out.

The Boom Clap singer realized she needed to rein in her wild partying ways for a while after she turned up to film an unnamed cooking show while hungover and was feeling so terrible she had to have a sick bucket within reach.

"I absolutely nearly vomited on the TV show," she told Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "And it was a cooking show, and they made (me) flip a pancake and try a load of breakfast cocktails.

"So I'm flipping a pancake, having a mimosa, with a bucket by my feet about to throw up... That was when I was: 'Maybe I should take a break from partying for a second.'"

The revelation comes shortly after the singer told her fans her New Year's resolution was "don't be so hungover."