Chance the Rapper settles child support case

Chance The Rapper has reached a confidential agreement in his child support case with his ex-girlfriend.

The {No Proble hitmaker, real name Chancelor Bennett, became a first-time father in September, 2015, when he and Kirsten Corley welcomed little Kensli. Last year (16), Corley filed papers to establish child support and a parenting schedule, but she dropped her legal bid in June (16) after the couple reconciled.

However, last month (Feb17) it emerged the couple split and court records filed revealed they were "in the process of establishing separate residences."

On Monday (20Mar17), Bennet and Corley reached an agreement over child support and parenting time, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"This case ended quickly because of the unusually high level of cooperation between the parents putting their child's best interest first," Corley's attorney Enrico Mirabelli said. "So long as the parties continue to cooperate with each other, it's my hope they will never have to go back to court again."

"Overall, I'd say they did a good job and worked well together and came to a fair resolution for everyone," the rapper's lawyer Tanya Stanish said.