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Chace Crawford still fighting to prove himself in Hollywood

Chace Crawford is battling to kill off "preconceived notions" about his talents after making his name in teen drama Gossip Girl.

The 27-year-old actor admits it has been an ongoing struggle to establish himself as a leading man in Hollywood and branch out from the series, which will end after its upcoming sixth season.

He tells AugustMan.com, "At my level and at my stage, I don't have the pick of the litter, I don't have any power, so it's still about proving myself and chipping away at those preconceived notions that people have of me like, 'Oh, you're on a CW show.'

"It's not a really negative connotation, but it sets a certain precedent before I come into a room. It's nice when I get a surprised reaction like, 'Oh, that was good.'"

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