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Carice van Houten prefers singing to acting

Game Of Thrones star Carice Van Houten feels she has found her calling after releasing her first album, insisting she prefers music to acting as she has more creative control in the recording studio.

The Dutch star, who plays sorceress Melisandre in the hit TV show, admits she had more fun writing her debut See You On The Ice than putting in long hours in front of the camera on set.

She tells entertainment website Portable.TV, "Acting can be so heavy and so... vexing... The whole playing with your emotions all day is tiring. I've been filming so much and doing what other people tell me to do. When you're an actor you're just a little crater in a big hole. I just wanted more control, to be more creative...

"When someone says it's a wrap, that can sometimes be the best moment of my day, which is not a healthy sign. I guess I've been doing a little too much lately, maybe.

"Music has given me so much more... satisfaction. It's such a great feeling to make something yourself... Music I can never get enough of, the whole lifestyle of being in the studio dark and warm, and I don't have to dress up or look nice, I can look like the nerd I actually am. I'm around boys with beards and guitars, that's what I like. That lifestyle suits me much more, to work until three at night and... be involved in the mixing process and make it perfect. With movies I can't be there at the whole editing process."

Van Houten's See You On The Ice was released in September (12).

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