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Brooklyn Decker's double take at the box office

Brooklyn Decker will be doing battle with herself at the box office this coming weekend (18-20May12) - her latest films are released on the same day.

The sexy star, who is married to tennis ace Andy Roddick, had no idea Battleship and What to Expect When You're Expecting would hit the big screen on the same day - and she's telling all her friends to cancel their plans on Friday night.

She says, "We shot them a year apart. I did Battleship first... I'm telling all my friends to go and see them both on the same day... It's very exciting."

Brooklyn Decker admits the two films couldn't be more different: "One, I'm this, like, Southern, sort of, country pregnant woman with twins, and then the other one is full of aliens and action and all sorts of fun."

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