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Britney Spears thrilled with fan's wedding day tribute

Britney Spears has made a superfan's dream complete by tweeting about his choreographed performance of her hit Work B**ch after spotting the wedding day footage online.

Bradley Bredeweg wanted to give his best friend Stephanie Huntington a memory to remember on her big day and he recruited dancer Chris Downey and members of the wedding party to create a routine based on their favorite Britney tune.

The amazing moment was filmed professionally and posted on YouTube shortly after February's (14) nuptials, and now Spears has seen it.

She took to Twitter on Monday (31Mar14) and wrote, "Ummm... this wedding toast is INCREDIBLE!!! I want IN on the 10 year anniversary performance!!!"

Britney also shared a link to the video.

A message introducing the YouTube footage reads: "The two of them (Bredeweg and Huntington) have been secretly obsessed with Britney Spears their entire friendship, so of course Britney had to be a part of the ceremony. The last time Bradley performed or danced was when he was a teenager... well, it was time he brought out his dancing shoes and give her a performance she will never forget."

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