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Britney Spears loves new video parody

A less-than-flattering new Britney Spears video has hit the Internet and the pop princess loves it.

The minute-long promo accompanying I'm Toxic's song Bored (Just Do It) features Britney's recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge footage and a short Instagram film, in which Spears reveals she is bored while out walking with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline and then pulls a face.

The video also features footage of the boys skateboarding as Britney keeps reminding the camera she's bored.

And she's far from upset about the parody - in a tweet posted on Thursday (21Aug14), she writes, "I have just discovered the Bored (Just Do It) remix & omg I can't even with y'all (sic). LOL'ing (laughing out loud) so hard."

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