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Brad Paisley's email address leaked

Country music star Brad Paisley was bombarded with hundreds of emails after his address was leaked by his boss amid a dispute over his new music.

The Celebrity hitmaker got in trouble with his record label bosses for leaking snippets of tracks from his upcoming album Moonshine in the Trunk throughout July (14) and August (14).

CEO of Sony Music Nashville, Gary Overton, decided to get revenge on Paisley on Thursday (21Aug14) by leaking his email address to the public.

Paisley posted a message from Overton on Twitter.com that reads, "Well, you've almost leaked the whole record. And I gotta admit, it wasn't a total disaster. In fact, a lot of what you did was very entertaining. I would've enjoyed it a little more if it wasn't entirely at my expense but hey, tomorrow's a new day. And I'm sure you realize, you're not the only one who can leak things."

Hours later, Paisley added, "Why are there like 200 new emails from people I don't know in my inbox?"

He later updated the figure to 300 messages.

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