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Blake Shelton tows stranded driver to safety on his birthday

Country star Blake Shelton turned hero after spending part of his birthday on Thursday (18Jun15) helping to tow a fellow Oklahoman to safety during a storm.

Roho Hartman reveals he was on his way home when strong winds and heavy rains hit rural Ardmore and left his vehicle stuck on a flooded road.

Hartman was pushing his stalled truck up a hill with a passerby when another driver pulled up and offered the use of his tow ropes.

He recalls, "I thought, 'That looks like Blake Shelton'."

Hartman was right and after getting his truck to safety, the singer offered to give the local a ride home.

Speaking to his worried wife during the ride, Hartman told her, "You wouldn't believe it, (but) Blake Shelton pulled me out". He adds, "(I) told her, 'You better slick up (look presentable), we'll be there in just a minute'."

Shelton graciously posed for a few photos with the family before heading back on the road, and grateful Hartman hopes he will one day be able to return the favor.

He says of the unexpected meeting, "It was great. He's a good fella I think; I like him."

Shelton, who turned 39 on Thursday, made no mention of his rescue efforts on Twitter.com, but he did thank fans for their sweet messages, writing, "Thank yall (sic) for all the birthday wishes!!! Drink one for me!"

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