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Beyonce's mom gets annoyed at false tabloid rumors

Beyonce has to regularly remind her mother not to get worked up by tabloid rumors about her personal life because she pays no attention to the latest media gossip.

The fiercely private singer admits wide-spread claims she faked her pregnancy to protect her enviable figure and used a secret surrogate to carry her one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy are "very odd", but she doesn't let the chatter get to her.

Instead, it's her mom Tina Knowles who struggles to deal with all the talk and the protective parent would love to give tabloid reporters a piece of her mind.

Tina tells Vogue magazine, "It's tough as a mother because people say all this crazy stuff... and I want to say (to Beyonce), 'You should tell them' sometimes. She'll say, 'Mom, I don't owe them that. Let them say what they want to say.'"

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