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Bella Thorne overcomes fear of driving to get licence

Actress Bella Thorne has overcome her fear of driving to finally acquire her licence to hit the road.

The former Disney star previously admitted she was too scared to take the wheel by herself once she turned 16, the legal age for teens to get their licence.

"I have a fear of driving and so I still don't drive," the now-18-year-old told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't have a permit. I'm best friends with my mum, so she kind of just takes me everywhere. "She was like, 'Bella, get a car and once you get a car you'll like want to drive and want to drive your car.' So I get a car but I'm perfectly content watching her drive it."

But on Thursday (17Dec15), Bella finally faced her fear and passed the test to become a licenced driver, proudly showing off her new paperwork on Twitter.com.

"The DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) life! finally!!!!"

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