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Azealia Banks: 'My critics are women-haters'

Outspoken rapper Azealia Banks has blasted her critics and accused them of misogyny over her online spat with Eminem.

The young hip-hop star took the Stan hitmaker to task on Twitter.com last month (Nov14) after he penned lyrics suggesting he would punch her close friend, singer Lana Del Rey, in the face.

Banks mocked the rapper for his under-privileged upbringing and now she has taken aim at those who criticised her for wading in, insisting she was merely teasing the star.

She tells British magazine Stella, "I'm just having a laugh. Like it's OK for Eminem to have a laugh and say he's going to punch my friend in the face, but now I'm the wrong one. I thought we were all joking! Come on! Men can do it, but as soon as I say something, people are looking at me like I'm crazy. It's just pure misogyny."

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