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Azealia Banks apologizes for Zayn Malik insults

Azealia Banks has apologized for the controversial comments she made about Zayn Malik in a series of homophobic and racist posts on Twitter.

The 24-year-old rapper took aim at the former One Direction star after he appeared to respond to her comments about the similarities between his new video and her Yung Rapunzel promo. She also attacked 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson.

Her controversial and inflammatory posts incurred the wrath of thousands of fans on social media, and prompted Twitter to suspend her from the site. Banks was also subsequently removed from a headlining set at London's Born & Bred Festival.

After initially refusing to backtrack on her comments, she has now posted a letter of apology on Instagram.

"Dear World," she wrote on Saturday (14May16). "Now that the immediacy of the infamous incident has worn off, I've had some time to decompress & take a more rational assessment of things.

"I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the world. Employing racial/sexual slurs/stereotypes in attempts to make fun of or degrade another person or group is absolutely unacceptable and is not fair or fun for anyone.

"Allowing my anger to get the best of me, I've managed to insult millions of people without reason. And for that I give my deepest apologies,” she added.

Banks sent Malik a series of racist tweets, calling him a "curry scented b***h” and writing, "Imma (sic) start calling you punjab you dirty b**ch".

After Disney star Jackson leapt to Malik's defense and told Banks to "simmer down", the rapper launched a tirade at the actress, calling her a "black little b***h", and told her to "grow some hips and start your menses".

She later posted another apology on Saturday, in an attempt to explain her reference to the word curry. "I personally really enjoy curry and cook with it often. I feel compelled to clear the air with curry itself because that's a bridge I don't want to burn. I still want to be able to enjoy it freely without guilt or judgment. (BTW (by the way), black peoples traditionally cook with curry too.... Just saying)," she wrote.

After making the initial comments on social media earlier this week, she attempted an apology of sorts, but refused to apologize directly to those she had offended. "Big apologies to anyone who was offended by any of the things I said. Not sorry I said it. But sorry for the way I made people feel. Everyone except the targets of my tirades,“ she added.

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