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August Alsina denies intentionally groping female fan

R&B star August Alsina is dismissing allegations he groped a female fan at a show in Louisiana in September (15), insisting he was unaware he was touching the woman's breast.

The No Love star was criticized following his show at the Freebandz Music Fest in Baton Rouge in September, when he invited one girl from the audience to join him onstage.

In video footage of the incident, Alsina serenades the woman as he hugs her from behind and then appears to move his left hand from one breast to another. The video subsequently went viral and the 23 year old was slammed online, but Alsina explains he didn't know he had his hand on her breast and when he realized he was touching her inappropriately, he quickly stopped.

"I had no idea I grabbed her (breast)," he said. "She had this sequin dress. I couldn't really feel... when I watched it, I realized (what happened) I jacked my arm back. I talked to her."

And Alsina insists the innocent moment has been blown out of proportion: "That's what media do. They make you out to be a monster. She was actually more upset than I was. She said, 'I'm more upset for you. Do they know what you stand for?' She's a real fan. Don't try to corrupt my fans. Not only that. Do I look like a n**ga who's pressed to grab a (breast)?"

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