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Ashton Kutcher: 'It's nice being rich, famous and good looking!'

Ashton Kutcher looks at wife Mila Kunis every day and thanks his lucky stars that he's "good looking, rich and famous".

The 38-year-old actor attended an industry tribute event at the Museum of the Moving Image in Manhattan on Monday night (20Jun16) to Late Night host Seth Meyers and Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos.

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Jeff Garlin performed a stand-up set at the event, and spent the majority of his time joking about Ashton's heartthrob appearance.

"You’re loaded. You’ve got a new ranch show, and every morning you look in the mirror and see that face," Jeff said.

Then it was Ashton's turn to respond, and he gave as good as he got when he took to the stage.

“I was gonna stay on book, but after that (f**k) you... It is really nice being this good looking, I have to be honest. When I wake up it’s really crazy, I look at my wife (Mila), like, ‘This is happening,’ and then I’m rich and famous. So life is good," laughed Ashton who was at the event to honor Sarandos. He stars in new Netflix series The Ranch opposite Danny Masterson.

Daredevil actor Charlie Cox also attended the gala and said Netflix has revolutionised the way shows are produced.

"They meet someone who’s got an idea, a vision, someone they want to put on, and they either back them or they don’t,” he told the audience. “That’s why they’ve been so successful with so many of their shows, because one person’s vision realized is so much more interesting."

Meanwhile, Orange Is the New Black actress Lea DeLaria, who plays Carrie 'Big Boo' Black in the prison drama, thanked the streaming service for allowing the hit show to push the envelope.

"We get away with things that no other network can get away with, period," she said. "Our show would have never have aired on HBO or Showtime or any of the other considered 'edgy' networks," she added. "You don’t generally get to see people strap on a big dildo and bang a girl, either, but I sure did it last season!"

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