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Ashton Kutcher bought Judy Greer's dad a motorcycle

Actor Ashton Kutcher bought Judy Greer's father a motorcycle after their TV sitcom was picked up by network bosses in 2008.

Kutcher was one of the producers behind Greer's short-lived comedy Miss Guided, and upon hearing the actress was planning to use her first pay cheque to purchase her dad a Harley-Davidson, the hunk beat her to it.

Greer tells U.S. TV host Anderson Cooper, "It's a long story, but he gave my dad a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as a gift because we worked together once. He produced a television show I was in, and he asked me, 'If they pick up this TV show, what are you gonna do?' And I was like, 'I'm gonna buy my dad a Harley-Davidson motorcycle,' because he really wanted one and I really wanted to do that for my dad.

"And Ashton said, 'If we get picked up, I'm gonna do it,' and I'm like, 'OK, whatever, like that's really gonna happen.' Anyway, when your show gets picked up, they (network bosses) fly you to New York for this big party called the UpFronts, and at the UpFronts, Ashton handed me a card and I opened it... and there was a picture of a Harley (he bought for my dad) in the card with a phone number (to call where I should pick it up)."

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