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Ashley Greene mistakes earthquake damage for haunting

Ashley Greene was convinced her house was haunted until she realised the mysterious disturbances were caused by an earthquake.

The Twilight actress was among a number of Los Angeles residents who were woken in the early hours of Monday morning (03Sep12) when a 3.2-magnitude tremor struck close to Beverly Hills around 3.30am.

Greene has now revealed she found a pile of broken glass and crockery behind her bed and she became convinced her property had been targeted by a ghost, until she remembered L.A.'s regular earthquakes.

She tells Moviehole.net, "You know what's funny? The other day, I found broken plates and a cracked glass, behind my bed. I was like 'My house is haunted!' Then I realised we have had so many earthquakes in L.A. At least I hope that's right".

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