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Asdru Sierra battles attack of nerves before every performance

Ozomatli frontman Asdru Sierra fights back the urge to throw up before every gig because he is so nervous about delivering a great performance.

The musician admits he still struggles with an attack of the nerves every time he prepares to go onstage and the feeling has only worsened since launching his solo project, Abstrakto, with actor/producer Balthazar Getty.

Sierra tells WENN, "I was scared s**tless (about going solo). I mean, before I go out (onstage), I feel like throwing up because I'm nervous.

"I get nervous every time because it means that much to me. I really care about what I play. I don't do it to look cool, I don't do it to meet chicks; I'm not like that. I do music because I love doing it and it means so much for me...

"I just get scared. I don't want to f**k up. I want to have a good experience because every time I perform, it's an experience. When I was a kid and I went to go see a concert, the most memorable stuff is how I felt. I remember when I was a teenager I went to go see U2 do the Joshua Tree tour. It was something about them, back then, that moment, how everyone felt. I want to give that to people, I want people to feel good.

"When I was living in the ghetto, seeing people get shot every day, my brother died in the streets, (but) when I went to that concert, I forgot about it for that moment, you know? I kinda want to give that to people. I got hooked on that, that experience that you're supposed to feel with music."

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